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Why Use Rubber Playground Flooring?

Rubber playground flooring is among the commercially recycled products that are now consistently growing to be a popular choice for play areas, home gyms as well as sports facilities. Such type of flooring provide numerous advantages and many of it can’t be overemphasized.

Number 1. Impact resistant – if you will notice today, sports halls, children’s playgrounds, gyms, track fields and basketball courts etc. are mostly using recycled rubber flooring for its resilience and flexibility. The risks of children to be injured when falling off the play equipment is reduced because of the reason that the rubber surface is cushioning the impact.

Number 2. Sound absorbent – kids can be sometimes be noisy when they are involved in play and this can be a problem especially in highly populated neighborhoods where night workers and babies are often sleeping throughout the day. The noise level can be reduced greatly with a playground rubber flooring because rubber absorbs sounds very well. This way, jumping, running and falling are quieter as the sound waves are absorbed than being reflected. But this should not be used as an alternative solution in eliminating sounds in playground flooring because what it actually does is lowering the noise levels.

Number 3. Totally safe – recycled rubber products such as playground rubbers have a non-slip property. As a matter of fact, this thing can be very effective if the playground is near on any water feature like pool, fountains, etc. Its slip resistant feature makes it beneficial as well for outdoor play areas particularly in regions with lots of precipitation.

Number 4. Durability – despite the fact that it is recycled, such rubber products are extremely durable and can last for long. Even if children are playing on it throughout the day, rubber playground flooring is durable enough to endure constant abuse. Rubber can keep its shape no matter how tough kids jump or run on the flooring. Knowing the fact that playground rubber is made from recycled and non toxic materials, it becomes a good choice of material for skateboarding, strollers, roller skates, bicycles and in-line skates.

Number 5. UV and weather resistant – aside from its qualities, playground rubber is also frost and weather proof while being UV resistant. This makes it a great outdoor flooring solution for regions that have extreme climates.

Number 6. Stylish design – rubber tiles are available in broad selection and each of it comes in different colors, textures and styles. These may be combined in creating an attractive and inviting appearance. Children love and enjoy seeing bright colors so let that imagination of yours flow. After all, your rubber playground flooring will get more love from kids if the design is interesting.

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