Coronavirus is Our Future Says Israel Figa

Covid-19 has changed a lot about the world and people around the globe are now adapting to it. According to Israel Figa coronavirus is our future so we better mask up and brace it. Social distancing and masking up is the new normal for the world and people are adopting this new normal quite well. However, while we try to normalize life what also needs to be normalized is the economy that has seen its worst in decades. Israel Figa talks about Covid-19’s larger impact on the economy, on life in general and the scope of vaccines as we are stuck in this for a while.

Do Vaccines Solve the Problem?

One thing that has to settle in is that this pandemic is here to stay and it is not going anywhere any time soon. When the announcements of vaccines came about globally people took a huge sigh of relief thinking that the pandemic will be over shortly. Now people and doctors alike are quite unclear as whether the vaccines available today around the world can prevent somebody from getting covid-19 and if they to contract the virus what kind of immunity it would give them against these new mutant strains.

The Pandemic Is Here To Stay

According to Israel Figa what is very clear is that if it took almost 60 years for the Spanish flu to down mutate into influenza or common cold, it will probably take a few years if not longer for coronavirus to down mutate into something which is very easy to manage perhaps even just a chronic illness that somebody can easily deal with. Till such time there are going to be many mutations. There are going to be many variants coming from the different parts of the world, from different regions of different countries and what that really means is that this virus and this pandemic is here to stay.

This means that we have to continue to mask up and practice some form of social distancing. How we respond to that is something that is very important for policy makers, governments and people around the world. The global perception was that the pandemic would be behind us once everyone is vaccinated, the virus would go away and we would get back to living a normal life.


How Covid-19 Testing Changed Since 2020?

Israel Figa notes that with the second and third wave of the virus the numbers of infected cases have also increased and this Israel Figastates is because of the increase in testing. Last year countries did not have enough means to test its population and there was a shortage of testing kits worldwide. In most countries only those people were being tested who were critically ill and required medical help. Those with mild symptoms were just asked to quarantine at home.

However, now the world has seen a lot in terms of coronavirus and are better equipped. What countries globally have achieved over this period is a good supply of testing kits as the key to limiting the spread is test and isolate.


International Economic Cooperation

While countries are doing all in their power to curtail and limit the spread, with increased testing and vaccinating their citizens, the damage done to the economy remains there. The global economy has suffered and efforts are being made to recover from the slum, nonetheless it seems quite anarduous task. International cooperation in these unprecedented times is the key to a smooth road to recovery. Such a cooperation will also help minimize the long-term impact of the pandemic. According to Israel Figa since this is a global economic crisis, therefore a global response to it will be more effective rather than each country individually trying to come out of it.

A  global outlook towards it would mean that the countries are pooling resources and sharing information to find common solution to the problem, thereby making it more efficient, effective and easier to deliver.