Advantages Of Using Organic E Juice

It is difficult to say whether it is healthy or not to smoke e-cigarettes because we haven’t passed the threshold years that could tell us how it affects people over the years. The latest advancement in technology and viral trends such as organic and healthy lives entered and merged with significant companies and industries.

Since the cigarettes became forbidden almost everywhere, people started using e-cigarettes, but that wasn’t quite an improvement because it had its side effects and bad sides. Therefore, most people decided to go to and to use organic e juice that you can find there.

But, why should you choose organic e-liquid?

  1. Natural Ingredients

One of the most important differences between certified organic e-juice and mainstream e-liquids is in the type of ingredients used for the formulation. Organic means completely natural, which means that you won’t find any artificial ingredients within.

Organic certification means the series of tests that national institutes conduct the product. Under strict regulations, only a few manufacturers can get the organic certification which is why you should believe in it.

Certified e-juice includes 100% VH it is also 100% free of PG, which is a synthetic liquid substance that you can find in petroleum. On the other hand, most e-juices have this particular ingredient for flavoring.

You can find in numerous forums discussions where people obtained allergic reactions to PG after frequent and prolonged use. On the other hand, some people will experience a negative reaction after first use

The latter scenario will cause more severe damages such as develop symptoms such as coughing and bronchoconstriction, which are the common problems for regular smokers. Therefore, there is no difference whatsoever between these two products.

For more information on bronchoconstriction check here.

We cannot consider PG as the organic ingredient, which means that liquids with organic certification don’t include it in the ingredient list. When it comes to the flavor, organic e-juices use no artificial flavoring, but real, plant-based extract that you can find in the natural world.

Other artificial ingredients are synthetic sweeteners and chemical residues from chemical extraction process and pesticides that could be toxic.

  1. It Doesn’t Have Chemical Additives

The harmful ingredients are also a wide array of additives such as acetyl propinyl which is highly addictive, and most companies use it for flavoring purposes.

According to NIOSH (National Institute For Occupational Safety and Health), this is the most prominent ingredient used in flavoring microwave popcorn. People who worked in production plants developed popcorn lung or bronchiolitis obliterans, a severe lung disease.

  1. Healthy Alternative

The main purpose of organic e-juicer is to provide you alternative to chemical alternatives in common e-cigarettes. However, if we go back, we can say that e-cigarettes were the alternative to smoking, which was the good perspective in the form of transition. However, most users found out that they cannot leave the e-cigarettes the same way as the usual smokes.

If you want to stop using the common cigarettes, it is the way better solution to go for organic e-juice alternative, because you will be able to reduce the nicotine intake and finally to quit altogether.

At the same time, vapers are way better than e-cigarettes especially if they feature organic e-liquid. It is a way better solution that will reduce the tobacco craving so that you can return to healthy life in a matter of months.

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As you can see from everything that we have mentioned above, organic e-juice is a way better solution than usual juices that contain a wide array of harmful chemicals.

Of course, most people are skeptical when it comes to organic certification, but you should have in mind that organic means are natural, because national institutions conducted research that allowed the manufacturer to state that his product is completely chemical-free.