The Queensburgh option from the Family Dental Care series of branches tops the list.

If you are looking for an all in one dentist, then the Queensburgh option from the Family Dental Care series of branches tops the list. They truly do offer the best dentist in Queensburgh. Why is this? This is simply because of their amazing ability to provide such a wide array of services, in fact for the entire family. All dental needs, from babies to the elderly, can be taken care of in this one spot. It does not matter what dental concern you may have, as they are equipped to deal with it all from once off cosmetic treatments to regularly seeing patients for preventative measures. This best dentist in Queensburgh is most famously known for their cosmetic treatments and this is because of their uncanny ability to stay abreast of trends and to bring to Durbanites the very latest in technology.

The two most popular treatments available from this best dentist in Queensburgh are the teeth whitening and one day smile makeovers. Both processes take a session to complete, but teeth whitening is done in a much shorter span of time. It is a simple procedure which is done in a new spin by our best dentist in Queensburgh. This is because instead of using traditional methods, our dentist uses newer technology which not only combines the gel and light combo but does so within a series of time increments. This allows for patients to get the same results but without the damage to any part of the tooth. In total, patients should leave the branch of the best dentist in Queensburgh within an hour with a brighter smile, and no damage to the enamel whatsoever.

Now teeth whitening may be the most requested treatment at this best dentist in Queensburgh, but many people need a bit more help in getting those pearly whites. This dental treatment takes a little bit longer, as the dentist will have to design the veneer or crown and then wait for it to be made before bonding it onto the tooth. The makeover is done when teeth are worn down or lost their shape from bad habits or aging. The one day smile makeover from our best dentist in Queensburgh fixes this is exactly that timeframe, in a single session. It can be done through veneers or crowns, each usage depending on the extent of damage on each tooth. Veneers are there to top up the front look while crowns are used to encase the entire tooth. A combination of both can also be done. At the best dentist in Queensburgh, both are achieved within a single session due to the branch having the Cerec machine which is able to manufacture custom made veneers and dental crowns within minutes. This is after it has been individually designed for each patient for a unique outcome that is going to perfectly fit and match the patient in question. Such is the precision of the services of our best dentist in Queensburgh that patients come from all over to achieve that perfect, yet natural smile.