How do e-cigarettes have an impact on your smell and taste?

There is no doubt about the fact that smoking leads to different kinds of diseases like cardiovascular diseases, cancers and several other health risks. With this in mind, you must be wondering whether or not there are any ways in which you could choose an alternative to smoking tobacco so that you could reduce the harm caused to your health? Apart from causing problems to your respiratory health, it also spoils your taste buds and smell senses so much so that you fail to get proper taste of things.

Have you heard of shisha pens which are a type of electronic cigarette which run by battery? Well, there are different shisha pen options to choose from and whichever you choose will be far less harmful towards your health than tobacco cigarettes. Read on to know more on how shisha pens are lenient on your smell and taste buds.

Chemicals in tobacco cigarettes which dull your taste buds

By now you must be wondering about the few chemicals which are present in traditional cigarettes which spoil your ability to get smell and taste. Well, you’re pretty lucky that these chemicals don’t usually destroy the ability of your taste buds but they decrease the degree of receptivity of the senses. As we know that the sense of taste is an amalgamation of smell and taste, smoking can interfere with your power to taste by hampering both forms of mucous membranes and sensory recognition. Apart from decreasing the ability of your receptors, smoking can also impair your sense of smell altogether.

Regaining your senses of taste and smell by switching to shisha pens

Ditching tobacco cigarettes is definitely the first step that you can take to prevent health issues related to smoking but how many are able to do this? If you stop smoking for at least 48 hours, nerve endings start regrowing and your sensory receptors will also start recovering gradually. Whenever these things begin to take place, you start gaining back your taste and smell capability.

When you switch to shisha pens which are a type of e-cigarette, things will soon start changing for the better within few weeks. As the senses of the smoker are dulled, they can favor flavored foods and scents that are stronger. Whenever the senses begin to recover, the subtle scents and foods can soon become preferable.

Therefore, whenever you’re wondering about the ways in which e-cigarettes can repair your sense of smell and taste, you should immediately switch to vaping instead of smoking cigarettes and causing harm to your health.