5 Reasons You Should Be Flossing

Before the invention of the toothbrush, people removed food particles trapped between teeth using a toothpick. In restaurants or dinner tables at homes, toothpicks are always handy. However, compared to the past where picking food particles is done openly, nowadays, tooth picking is a concealed action.

The use of toothpick in cleaning teeth isn’t long forgotten, however, it’s been more or less replaced by dental floss – a strong synthetic thread that doesn’t easily break when used in getting food particles between teeth. It is sometimes flavoured with peppermint to give that fresh taste.

Flossing prevents tooth loss.

Flossing helps to remove the plaque trapped between your teeth, which if not removed will lead to cavities, gum problems and tooth decay. If you slack off from cleaning food morsels in your teeth, it may lead to infection, gum weakness and even tooth loss. Make sure to use dental floss to …

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