Everything You Should Know About Aloe Rid Shampoo and Hair Drug Test

A hair drug test is one of the most accurate solutions that you can choose for yourself and fastest growing method of drug testing in the USA. The main reason for that is because it is capable of checking long term usage and it is more accurate than urine and mouth swab tests.

You will need approximately five days for cannabis and other substances to show up in your hair, and it can be detectable in hair follicle for months without any additional problem.

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It is important to mention the fact that approximately seven percent of the USA employees have failed their hair screening due to cannabis consumption. At the same time, another surprising fact is that even people who smoked irregularly were caught in the crossfire.

The primary purpose and goal of this particular drug test are to detect regular cannabis consumption. The presence of THC or any other harmful substance can enter your hair by a single process.

As soon as you consume the cannabis, THC will start to circulate through the bloodstream, and it will enter saliva, blood and hair follicles through it. The drug metabolites will find their way to your follicles and penetrate the hair structure when it starts to grow.

Since the hair tends to grow approximately 1/2-inches per month, the drug-testing lab will be able to test your shaft core for searching for metabolites. You should always remember that the length of your hair is a witness and can measure your previous drug use.

Even though experts will not be able to determine the exact timeline of usage, but it will detect anything you consumed. In overall, a hair drug test will not be able to tell the difference between THC that you have consumed a few weeks and a few months ago.

How Does Hair Drug Test Work?

It could be confusing to understand this particular process, which is why we will help you understand everything along the way.

The body will start to react to THC that you have consumed in a complicated way, and as a result, metabolites and byproducts will end up in various systems throughout your organism.

Weed will also end up in your hair through the bloodstream, and even though it stays in the blood for a short period, signs of you getting high can be detected in your hair for a long time.

Therefore, before the body breaks down the cannabinoids in the blood, they will enter the cells and tissue surrounding the root of your hair.

This will happen beneath the surface of the scalp; however, eventually, THC-COOH will become the central part of the hair follicle and hair strain as well.

Finally, in about seven to ten days, the hair filled with weed will pop out from the top of your head. Therefore, we can say that it is challenging to cheat this particular drug test.

Employees in the lab will take your hair samples to check them for various drugs. Since it will take up to ten days for hair that features drug metabolites to reach the surface, the standard sample tends to be 1.5-inches from the scalp.

Since head hair tends to grow a half an inch every month, 1.5-inches of hair can easily determine three months of drug consumption.

That is the main reason why most employers and institutions are deciding to consider a hair follicle test over other drug screening methods. You are probably wondering why, and as it turns out, we can consider the numerous reasons for it.

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For instance, hair drug test is noteworthy and trustworthy which means that you will get both precise and accurate results when compared with swab and urine drug tests. At the same time, it can detect a history of substance abuse and usage, which is not the case with other tests.

Finally, yet importantly, it is almost impossible to beat a hair drug test, and even if you can, it is challenging and risky. However, it is not impossible to do it, and that is excellent news you should remember.

Best Ways to Cheat a Hair Drug Test

If you are a regular smoker, you should have in mind that hair follicle testing is something that it would be challenging to cheat. The fact is that things will not look good for you if you get a short notice for a hair drug screenings in a few days and you consume daily.

You should also note that if you are not a regular consumer, and if you smoked recently, which means a few days back, you should stop worrying because THC will show up in your hair in ten days after usage.

Detoxing the Hair

This is one of the best methods and most efficient ones when compared with other ones on the market. Even though it means that you will have to deal with serious work, you will be able to detoxify your hair.

For instance, by checking out Aloe Rid shampoo you will be able to get the possibility to purify and condition your hair while reducing grease buildup, dirt and excessive toxins as well. You will be able to get rid of stressors, medicines, and pollutants that will affect your hair health.

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The best way to do it is to start massaging apple cider or vinegar across your scalp and hair. This will also reduce the oil in your hair. Afterward, you should wait for fifteen minutes before applying shampoo.

Place a shower cap and wait for half an hour before you decide to rinse a hair thoroughly. Finally, you should use a conditioner that will help you massage the scalp and improve oil production.

The conditioner is essential part that will help you nourish your hair and rinse it out afterward to increase its shine and beauty.